If you’re headed to DockerCon 17 in Austin in a few weeks, connect with us to learn how we’re making containerization and building microservice applications easier for DevOps teams.

1. Demos and giveaways! Come see Yipee.io in the CA Technologies Booth:

Creating, collaborating on and orchestrating microservice applications is complex and can be riddled with errors, wasting time and brain power. During a quick demo, we’ll show you how to visualize your architecture, share models with your entire team, and support orchestration in multiple environments – without having to write or edit YAML for each one.

2. Experience container-ready tools and innovations – it’s what CA Technologies is all about :

We’ll be showcasing solutions to help you build, test, deploy and monitor containers at scale.

3. Prepare for “winter” by attending our speaking session “Winter is Coming for Microservice Complexity”:

Let’s face it, developers encounter about as much adversity throughout the development lifecycle as the Starks of Winterfell do in Game of Thrones.

Finding the right solutions for microservice applications is a painful process. Modeling is time consuming, error prone, becomes obsolete once its put on paper, and specific to a single orchestration environment.

Continuously deploying containerized apps brings its own set of challenges, as industry-standard best practice templates do not exist. And once deployed, ensuring exceptional end user experience becomes critical – services don’t live in a vacuum and abnormal phenomenon make understanding, triaging and guarding against issues, very difficult.

What if…

  • Intelligent modeling lowered the barriers to microservice application success?
  • Out-of-the-box opinionated CI/CD workflows produced higher quality apps, faster?
  • Analytics-driven monitoring predicted and triaged issues before they impacted users?

During this session we will demo how CA is uniquely solving these issues, so that you can easily build, test, deploy and monitor containerized applications at scale.

What do you say to microservice complexity? “Not today!”

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Tuesday, April 18th at 3:15 p.m.
Ecosystem 2, Ballroom C

Learn more at ca.com/dockercon

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