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Feeling stampeded by microservice complexity?

In trying to realize the value of developing and deploying microservice applications, DevOps teams are caught in the labor-intensive process of modeling, fine tuning and creating or editing YAML files for different orchestration environments.

This process is error prone and time consuming. Worse yet, the model and documentation quickly become out of date when the environment changes, sending everyone back to ‘GO’ for more fine tuning, tweaking and editing.

It’s difficult to keep the focus on the application when teams are worried about configuring containers, dependencies, storage and networking. The push and pull between the Dev side and the Ops side often creates friction within the team, as decisions on orchestration will impact the application.

Without the right solutions and processes in place for microservice applications, resources are wasted, time to market increases and team members get aggravated when slowed down.

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Despite the challenges, the utilization of Docker and microservice architectures is showing no signs of decelerating.

According to Docker statistics at DockerCon 2016:

  • Dockerized applications have shown 3100% growth.
  • Docker related projects have grown over 1300%.

Clearly, the need for microservices is on the rise and anything that makes microservices applications easier and more rewarding to develop is a likely to provide huge value to DevOps teams.

What if teams…

Could simply focus on the application, rather than on how to configure individual containers just to get things working? Could visualize the application architecture and easily generate a ready-to-download YAML file? Didn’t have to worry about the orchestration environment through the development process?

Yipee.io is a lean startup, dedicated to making this vision a reality.

Yipee.io provides intelligent modeling for DevOps teams stampeded by microservice application complexity. Thus,

  • Reducing the likelihood of making costly mistakes with visual modeling.
  • Allowing Dev teams to compose how they want and Ops teams to orchestrate how they want, all without editing YAML.
  • Enabling teams to create, communicate, collaborate and orchestrate microservice applications in a platform agnostic way.
  • Decreasing time to market of microservices applications, by providing ready to run applications and images through publicly available apps or forking existing ones.
  • Empowering team collaboration with always up to date models by creating a single source of truth.

Visit us at DockerCon 2017 to see a live demo.

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