When creating microservice applications with Docker containers, collaborating across dev and ops teams is essential for success. Current workflows are inefficient causing friction and lost time. Architecture documentation is stored in READ ME files that quickly become out of date, information is emailed from person to person with no single source of truth and there are breakdowns with different orchestration environments being used by dev and ops, creating headaches for all. 

So what do you do? Just deal with it? Well, there’s an easier way.

Yipee.io Teams helps you:

1. Create One Source of Truth

Modeling visual applications and sharing those with your team creates a living architecture that never gets out of date. From now on, anyone on the team can simply access your applications in one place.

2. Share Applications Across Teams

Add team members to your Yipee.io team space as read-only members, writers or admins to give them just the access they need. Now everyone can see your team applications, saving time by getting everyone on the same page.

3. Export a Compose or Kubernetes File to Deploy to Chosen Orchestration Environments

Let dev and ops use the orchestration environments they want, enabling dev to spend less time setting up and ops to deploy with the tools they need. Everyone wins!

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