Yipee.io enables you to visually create, collaborate, and orchestrate Docker applications all without editing YAML.

Once you create an application using the visual modeler of Yipee.io, you typically want others in your project to view the model and make changes to it. The changes made should be reflected to the entire team. This way you can develop your application collaboratively. The team feature in Yipee.io enables easy collaboration. Any user in Yipee.io can create a team by going to ‘Settings’ and clicking on the ‘+’ next to ‘Teams’.

Give a name to the team you wish to create. I used ‘FooDevelopment’ in this case.

Click create and the team is created!

As the owner, you can add/remove users to/from the team. By default, all users are readers. The owner can make them admins and/or writers.

Users on the team can collaborate in the team context in a few ways:

  • All users can read the application belonging to a team.
  • A writer can modify and save the application.
  • An admin can add more users to the team and remove users from the team.

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