Learning a new architecture and operating environment can be daunting, which is why Yipee.io now offers dynamic walkthrus to  guide you through every step of creating, configuring, sharing and deploying your first model.

To give them a try, access the new Need Assistance? menu in the bottom-left of the Yipee,io Catalog screen:

From there, expand Guide Me (Walkthrus) and select the type of application that you want to create:

Once you launch a walkthru, it guides you – for real – through all the steps required to create and deploy an application:

  • Showing you what buttons you have to click (even allowing you to skip those that are optional).

  • Describing each field that needs to be completed (and calling out those that are optional).

All the way through to downloading the generated YAML file, ready to deploy in your environment.

Relax. You’ve got this (and we’ve got you).

Note: You can also access videos that show one of us creating and deploying simple working applications by expanding the Show Me menu option.