November 2017

Thank you, Mohammad Abdullah, from the Bogra Polytechnic Institute in Bangledesh.  Mohammad took the time to write us about an issue he ran into on  He took the time to write a detailed email with instructions on what the issue was and how to reproduce it.  Not only that, he made himself available via email if we had questions.  To top it off, once we fixed the issue we asked if he wouldn’t mind re-testing.  He was more than willing to help.  Mohammad did this without expecting anything from us.

I wanted to publicly thank Mohammad for volunteering his time to help us make a better product.

I also want to thank Sajibe Kanti, an Independent Web Security Researcher, for alerting us to a vulnerability in our WordPress site.  Sajibe provided detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue making it easy to find and resolve.

February 2018

Thanks to Pethuraj M, a Web Security Researcher from India for alerting us to a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability that has been been fixed in our updated UI.  Pethuraj took the time to show how to reproduce the issue and made a even video demonstrating the vulnerability.

Thank you Pethuraj for discovering and reporting this issue!