Reuse Complete Multi-Container Applications with Assemblies

Easily pull packaged assemblies into your app and make any needed adjustments. It’s that simple!

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The Problem:

As containers move into the mainstream, many applications are being separated into parts. This is good for developers and maintainers, but makes it more difficult to include them as components within larger applications. Dealing with all the complexity of sub-assemblies and recreating common off-the-shelf components, which are rapidly becoming multi-container, is time consuming and inefficient. Don’t you only care about them as black boxes anyway?

The Solution:

People have talked about “software integrated circuits” for many years but containers have made them really possible for the first time. With, software developers will be able to select assemblies from palettes of common multi-container components and integrate them within applications, without concern for their internal structure. Examples include: clustered database configurations (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo, etc.), monitoring solutions (Prometheus, Freshtracks, etc.), or logging solutions (ElasticSearch/Kibana, etc.).

Easily pull packaged apps or components into your app

Make them yours with configuration options

Use what already exists and works

Full visibility into app architecture including assemblies

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