Simplified Microservice App Configuration


Visually configure across services, dependencies, networks, volumes, secrets, and more.

Configuring Docker containers and microservice applications can be confusing and complicated. It’s hard to see and understand what’s going on in the YAML file, let alone coding configurations directly in them, and each orchestration environment is different. Networking adds another level of complexity. can help! With our visual editor, you can architect your application and easily configure things like services, dependencies, network connections, volumes, and storage.

Create a Living Architecture writes orchestration files as you create and edit your app, so you’re not only creating a model of your application, you’re actually building your application! As the app forms, changes and evolves, your model will always be up to date and ready to run.

Visual Representation of All Dependencies and Configurations

Not sure what you’re app looks like when reading a YAML file? visualizes all dependencies, network connections, volumes and storage, and even individual container configurations. Now you can see and communicate your entire app simply.

Orchestration Files Build Automagically

The second you start modeling, works in the background to build your orchestration files. Add a container, configure them, add storage, add secrets – they’re all coded for you, creating a faster transition from build to deploy.

Flexibility in Your Local Development Environment

Your app’s images can be temporarily “overridden” in your local environment. Change a database image to “External” and point it at a database server running in your lab. If you have your UI image already running in Apache locally and don’t need Docker to start it, set it to “Local”.  If you have an alternate image for a service, set that image to “Development”.

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