Finding Kubernetes Application Management Too Complicated?

We do, and are looking to create a solution! Let us know if you’re facing these challenges too. 

Are you experiencing some or all of these problems?

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The Problem:

Today’s applications are getting more complex as companies adopt containers, microservices, and cloud native computing. Orchestration systems such as Kubernetes can help but add their own management requirements. It just keeps getting more complicated!!!

Are you dealing with:

  • Applications with multiple moving parts and dependencies requiring repeatable processes and solutions and visibility into that process?
  • Wasting time trying to troubleshoot why an application works in one environment and not another?
  • Lack of insight between different versions of your running application or different environments of your running applications?
  • Dashboards that don’t integrate with your existing point solutions like logging, monitoring or application performance management?
  • Long training times for the most costly part of your application lifecycle – people?
  • Frustration with using YAML as your only interface to your application?

It’s time to reduce the complexity! 

Are you experiencing some or all of these problems?

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