Kubernetes Application Management System 

Simplify, visualize, and analyze to get your apps out the door quicker with our low code solution for building and managing the lifecycle of your Helm Charts. 

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The Problem:

Although powerful, Kubernetes with Helm is not a complete solution. As you create more complex applications, utilize dependencies, and deploy more and more applications, you need a more sophisticated solution that not only helps construct and deploy Helm Charts but aids in the lifecycle management of those charts.

The Solution:

Your laptop has a variety of installed packages in various states. Do you know what’s installed? What versions? What depends on what? Package management systems, like Synaptic, help with this. Should your Kubernetes cluster be any different? By leveraging Yipee.io’s existing visualization infrastructure and marrying it with the Helm package manager we are looking to bring the following features to your Kubernetes cluster.

Graphically examine contents of cluster grouped by namespace, chart, etc.

Browse, select, install, and upgrade Helm Charts from user-specified repositories

Automatically construct Helm Charts from deployed or undeployed manifests

Integrate with existing CI/CD systems for automatic builds and deployment

Track and manage application versions and dependencies

Integrate with SCM systems to store manifests

Maintain complete audit log of content activity

Display status dashboards for deployed applications