Inheritance: Run Microservice Applications Easily Across All Environments

Take what you need, and leave what you don’t! Run your apps across test, dev, and prod environments without management headaches manually propagating updates to each variation.

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The Problem:

The advent of containers has made it possible (and profitable) to run full applications consisting of many separate services from production environments to developer laptops. Though each of these various deployments represent the same application model, specifics can differ due to the unique requirements of the different environments. Changes affecting all variations of a model are difficult to manage as they require individual updates to each variation. Model inheritance allows you to make all the common changes once and propagate them to models with specific environment settings, much like a source code management system allows propagation of changes between branches.

The Solution:

With, you will be able to specify a model derives from another one so the ancestral connection is maintained and changes can be propagated from the parent to the child. And you can decide which changes you wish to accept from ancestor models that will be tracked so you don’t have to restate them on future changes. eliminates the need for copy and paste by allowing models to extend other models ensuring you “Don’t Repeat YAML” just to support your application running in multiple environments.

Easy management across different environments

Visualize parent-child relationships

Decide which changes you want to include

Simple visual version control

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