Kubernetes Simplified

Visually model and manage your apps, then auto-generate the orchestration files you need!

Yipee.io Makes Kubernetes Easier!

Kubernetes is a powerful and robust orchestrator for container-based apps, but it isn’t always the easiest to use, learn, and move to. Whether you’re using different orchestrators in development than production, trying to move from Docker Compose or another orchestrator to Kubernetes, or just starting out with a new microservice app, Yipee.io can simplify the process.

Automagically Generate YAML Configurations for Kubernetes

Not familiar with how to express your microservice application into Kubernetes configuration files? Yipee.io will take your visually modeled application and generate syntactically correct Kubernetes YAML configurations so you can focus on your application, not learning a new configuration “language”. For those interested in learning Kubernetes, “Nerd Mode” lets you see the full config file.

Easily Move from Docker Compose to Kubernetes

Simply use the Docker Compose import feature to populate your application in Yipee.io. Once you’ve seeded your app, you can download a configuration for the app that works in Kubernetes as well. Think of it as a YAML converter with the additional benefit of being able to easily visualize and share your application across your team!

Dev Teams Can Use Docker Compose While Ops Teams Use Kubernetes

Yipee.io allows you to have a single application definition that can be downloaded in either Docker Compose or in Kubernetes. No need to maintain multiple versions or worry about the multiple configurations drifting away from each other. Developers get the simplicity of Docker Compose, while operations gets the advanced management features of Kubernetes. Simply create apps in a team, add members, and you’re ready to go!


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