Kubernetes Mode

Faster Kubernetes App Creation, Configuration, and Orchestration

Kubernetes is a powerful and robust orchestrator for container-based apps, but it isn’t always the easiest to use, learn, and adopt. With Kubernetes Mode, you can visually construct your application (either from a blank canvas or by importing your existing Kubernetes file), configure all properties and objects, then download the orchestration files you need or connect to your CI/CD system via our API. Whether you’re trying to move to Kubernetes, just starting out with a new microservice app, or looking to simplify configuration, Yipee.io can help.

Native Kubernetes Objects and Properties 

Kubernetes has specific configuration options that differ from Docker Compose or Swarm. With our Kubernetes Mode, you can utilize Kubernetes specific controllers, like Deployments and StatefulSets, to modify and configure your application.

Create Kubernetes Apps from Scratch or Import Existing 

It’s quick and easy to start visualizing your application architecture and configurations! Our Kubernetes Mode enables creating applications from scratch by pulling images in from DockerHub or adding them from your repos, as well as importing an existing Kubernetes orchestration file.

Easily Convert your Swarm Apps to Kubernetes

Moving from Compose/Docker Swarm to Kubernetes? We can make it easier! Simply fork your Compose application from the Yipee.io modeler and select convert to Kubernetes. You will now have native Kubernetes features like Deployments and StatefulSets to set up Kubernetes specific objects and properties.

Configure Everything Visually

Not sure what your app looks like when reading a YAML file? Yipee.io visualizes all services, volumes, controllers, pods, deployments, and even individual container configurations. Now you can see and communicate your entire Kubernetes app with ease.