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Yipee.io insulates serious Docker teams from the complexities of shifting Docker ecosystems and prevents you from making costly bets.  We know changing environments increase the cost of development and impact the time required to get a product to market.  Yipee.io enables you to model, communicate, collaborate, and orchestrate microservices applications in a platform agnostic way.


Application Focus

Mired in the details of configuring individual containers to get your application working?  Yipee.io moves the focus to the application.  You can download ready-to-run applications like ELK stacks, etc. from Yipee.io or download your dev team’s application from your local repository and have it running in minutes.

Easy To Use Canvas

Find it hard to visualize your application when you’re editing a YAML file?  Yipee.io’s intelligent canvas makes it easy to see and edit your application’s architecture, including networks, container dependancies, storage, scale, and environment settings.

Orchestration Flexibility

Still deciding where and how to run your microservices application?  Yipee.io provides you flexibility to export a Compose or Kubernetes file to deploy to your chosen orchestration environment. More export options will be added in future releases.

Compose Import

Have an existing micro-service application? Import your Docker Compose file and visualize your application in the Yipee intelligent modeler. Once imported, enhance your application and export to your team as a Compose or Kubernetes file.

Simplified Network and Storage

Is getting the networking right for your app and all its containers challenging?  Do you struggle with getting storage configured so that your services have access to their data?  Yipee.io gives you a visual representation of your networks and storage, enabling simplified configuration.


Do you have trouble keeping Jenkins build jobs up to date for dev, test, and production as your application evolves?  Use the APIs provided by Yipee.io to always get the most up-to-date application definition for your CI/CD process.