Orchestration Simplified

Utilize different orchestration environments across teams without editing YAML. 

Utilizing multiple orchestrators across development and production? Switching from one orchestrator to another? Unsure about which orchestrator your organization will land on? Yipee.io can help! With an orchestration agnostic platform, we enable teams to orchestrate across Compose/Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Helm without needing to write or edit any YAML. Simply model or upload your application and download the files you need. It’s also simple to integrate with your existing CI/CD using our API!

Download Files Across Compose, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Helm

Yipee.io generates orchestration files across Docker Compose, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Helm enabling the dev team to work how they’d like and the ops team to deploy how they’d like. Simply download and you’re off!

Visualize Orchestration Files with Nerd Mode

Want to view the code as you’re modeling? Yipee.io provides a look directly into the YAML files being written as you go along. Verify, learn and rejoice over the fact that you don’t need to write or edit these files by hand!

Integrate Your App with Your CI/CD Process

Yipee.io provides the steps and data to use the API via a CURL command. Just hit the download menu in the modeler, or an apps hamburger menu in the catalog, and select the “API Download Information” link.

Orchestration Files Build Automagically

The second you start modeling, Yipee.io works in the background to build your orchestration files. Add a container, configure them, add storage, add secrets – they’re all coded for you, creating a faster transition from build to deploy.

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