Visually Collaborate and

Communicate App Architecture

Understanding how your application works, the dependencies involved, and where you’re going next, is important for all software teams, especially as you onboard new team members or embark on a new project. enables the creation of a living visual architecture of your app that can be shared across the team, giving access to read only or read and write. No more out of date documentation!

Communicate Application Architecture Visually

Ever tried to explain app structure and dependencies over a YAML config file? It’s not easy. presents your application visually, making it easy to see and understand, saving time and headaches.

Collaborate on Live Apps with Individuals and Teams

Share applications with individual users or create a team and invite multiple people to collaborate. As this is your actual app, not just a static representation, changes and updates are immediately available to your CI/CD system.

Share and Utilize Apps Publicly Across

Join the community by making your apps public or utilize the many apps created by other users. Save time and headaches by forking an existing app and configuring it for your specific needs. Examples include: Elk, Joomla, Prometheus, and Artifactory.

Flexibility in Your Local Development Environment

Your app’s images can be temporarily “overridden” in your local environment. Change a database image to “External” and point it at a database server running in your lab. If you have your UI image already running in Apache locally and don’t need Docker to start it, set it to “Local”.  If you have an alternate image for a service, set that image to “Development”.