Visually Model and Build

Your App at the Same Time’s visual modeler enables you to bring in existing images from your repos, pull images from DockerHub, and even fork an existing application for a place to start. From there, you are able to create dependencies, add networking and storage, and configure your application with things like environment variables, logging, and secrets. No more readme files documenting structure and no more static architecture diagrams.

Create a Living Architecture writes orchestration files as you create and edit your app, so you’re not only creating a model of your application, you’re actually building your application! As the app forms, changes and evolves, your model will always be up to date and ready to run.

Visual Representation of All Dependencies and Configurations

Not sure what your app looks like when reading a YAML file? visualizes all dependencies, network connections, volumes and storage, and even individual container configurations. Now you can see and communicate your entire app simply.

Search and Add Existing Images from DockerHub enables you to add your own images to an app but you can also pull images from DockerHub (including official images), and configure them to your liking. Save time and effort on development by utilizing images that have already been built.

Utilize Existing, Publicly Available Apps users can share their apps publicly across the community, enabling other users to utilize them for their own purpose. Save time by forking an existing app and configuring it for your specific needs. Examples include: Elk, Joomla, Prometheus, and Artifactory.

Visibility into Orchestration with Nerd Mode

View and validate your YAML files as they are dynamically built when you create your app, across Compose, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Helm. Or never think about YAML again… pay no attention to the YAML behind the curtain.